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Flow is our goal and inspiration. It is a critical aspect of the arts we teach. Flow is a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of an activity, correlated with: high performance; artistic and scientific creativity; persistence and achievement; low anxiety; raised self-esteem; and characterised by free expression, spontaneity, and adaptability. Train with us and find your flow, learning to navigate life's ups and downs with the strength, poise, and confidence of a warrior.


Novo Flow is an inspring not-for-profit collaboration between Capoeira Aruanda  and Kali Newcastle [Kalisador's Club]. We create value for the members of our Newcastle Martial Arts, Movement and Music community by providing them the unique opportunity to learn the graceful and powerful moves of the Capoeirista and/or the elegant and effective stick fighting skills of the Bastonero, and blade skills of the Eskrimador, using the same multi-class pass. When you walk through our door, you will be welcomed by a diverse community of people who love training in martial arts as a means of holistic self preservation, self expression, and self transformation. Our training is fun, friendly and community focused. Whether you study Capoeira, Kali, or both, Novo Flow aims to provide a path to a better way of living, that will let you walk through the world with a greater sense of confidence and contentment. Click on the links below to learn more about the arts (and classes) we offer.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art played to pulsating percussive rhythms and accompanied by song. Games are played within a roda (circle) formed by the players who keep cadence with their clapping. The best games are a complex dialogue of kicks, evasions, acrobatics and theatrics. Training takes you from the basics through to the spectacular.

Kali (also known as Arnis in Luzon, and Eskrima in the Visayas) is the Filipino Martial Art of stick-fighting and bladed combat, derived from a remarkable fusion of Spanish Conquistador sword play and Pinoy ingenuity. Training in Kali provides opportunities for ordinary people to develop extraordinary skill with sticks and blades (swords and daggers).


Before your first class, complete our pre-training questionnaire by clicking on the link below. This will ensure the Instructors know everything they need to know to help make your martial arts journey safe, productive, and enjoyable.


Whether you're looking for a long-term training program or a quick introduction to a new martial art, our credit system offers flexible payment options that put your needs first. Our credits can be used for any regular timetabled class.

Full Conditions and comparison rates available by clicking on the Plans & Purchase Options button below the rates table.