(a) Martial Arts are Dangerous 

I have been advised and understand that the practice of Martial Arts is dangerous, and that any person training Martial Arts, or in activities connected with Martial Arts does so on the understanding that it is entirely at their own risk, and I release to the full extent permitted by law Dr Robert Parkes (the Chief Instructor), the KALISADORS Club, and its agents, servants, contractors, office bearers, members, instructors, assistant instructors, employees, and students from all claims and demands of every kind resulting from any accident or damage to property or injury or death to myself while undertaking training in martial arts with the KALISADORS Club. 

(b) Medical Conditions 

I warrant that I have not at any time suffered any blackout, seizure, convulsion, fainting or dizzy spells and am not presently receiving treatment for any illness, disorder or injury which would render it unsafe for me to take part in Martial Arts. I further warrant that I have provided information on any and all pre-existing medical conditions; and where conditions have been identified and listed, I have clearance from a medical practitioner that it is safe for me to train in martial arts. I understand that such clearance must be available to Club officials on request. 

(c) Club Fees 

I agree to pay on demand the prescribed or stated fees for any service provided by the KALISADORS Club, and understand that such fees may be notified to students on the club’s website, displayed in the premises occupied by the club or verbally.  I understand that the club and its owners and agents reserve the right to alter fees, providing notice to students within a period of not less than two weeks, by the means of a letter, memorandum or written notice. 

(d) Exclusion of Applicant 

I warrant that I have not at any time been excluded from participation Martial Arts by a medical practitioner or any person or entity including a Martial Arts Club; or have provided details of the club I was excluded from. 

(e) Agreement to abide by the Club Rules 

I agree to abide by the KALISADORS Club Code of Conduct and agree and acknowledge that any failure to abide by rules of the Code of Conduct may result in my expulsion from the Club. 

(f) Waiver and Indemnity 

In all other cases and except where inconsistent with the above, on behalf of myself, my executors, administrators, dependents and other personal representatives, hereby absolve and indemnify the KALISADORS Club and all its instructors, servants, agents, employees and other students or persons under the club’s control (the "indemnified") from all liability howsoever arising for injury or damage (including but not limited to my person, whether fatal or otherwise, property and personal belongings) however caused including by the negligence of the indemnified, arising out of or participating in Martial Arts or in connection with Martial Arts or in anyway caused by, or arising out of, any activity carried on by the indemnified.  

(g) Martial Arts not to be taught by Applicant 

I agree that I am in no way qualified or authorized to teach Martial Arts unless I have the written authorization of an accredited Instructor. 

(h) Declaration of Understanding and Agreement

I have read, or have had read to me the above conditions and having understood the same, I consent to the Contract as proposed. I acknowledge that I have had adequate time to read and review this Contract and sign this agreement without duress.